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To provide girl-survivors of sexual abuse with holistic,
integrated and comprehensive healing and recovery program.

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Ariana Cowper is a Filipino model and content creator. Aside from her career, she's also a volunteer at CRIBS Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization which serves as a home for children to free from any form of violence and abuse.

Together with @yannacowper, we're spearheading the series of activities with CRIBS New Beginnings Progam this summer, to empower the 26 girl-survivors undergoing the healing and recovery program, helping them to overcome sexual abuse and to stand up for themselves.

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Since 2006, our One for One® program has given 86 million pairs of shoes, 600,000 sight restorations and provided 600,000 weeks of safe water to communities around the world. The Stand for Tomorrow program, marks an evolution in our corporate Giving model. This year, in Philippines, we’re focusing on COURAGE, which works to help girl-survivors to heal, overcome and stand up for themselves. Alongside working with local changemakers to raise awareness of the key issues, we are also making financial investments to associated NGOs, charities and community organizations to support a range of outreach and awareness programs.